New Hires

Our new hire initiatives include training programs that would support the employee with the below-mentioned areas by making them self aware and equipping them with self-help techniques:

1. Diversity and reflective exercises- this will help employees understand that each individual is unique and they respect the other’s inner/ outer world.

2. Connecting with the new work space, getting grounded, bringing in positive energies to the work space.

3. Exercise on strengthening the sense of self which will help the delegates increase confidence, enhance self esteem, reduce stress and appreciate oneself.

4. Walking the participants through CRASH state. Demonstrating to them how we embody the CRASH state. And walk them into COACH state. (refer to additional notes below)

5. Frames of communicating: Understanding how we internalize these frames. Helping them Navigate from unresourceful to resourceful frames. (refer to additional notes below)

Additional Notes:

  • CRASH state refers to Contracted, Reactive, Action paralysis, Separated and Hurt or hating state.
  • COACH state refers to Centered, Open, Attending, Connected and Holding resourcefulness.
  • Frames of communication in NLP –we often lock ourselves to certain behaviours which are not resourceful/ helpful to us, in NLP we use frames to provide a context, focus or guidance for our thoughts and actions. These initiatives help employees understand and embrace themselves and the culture, people, processes and the environment of the organization which in turn makes them feel a part of the organization and hence feel happy, satisfied and committed towards the organization.