Prioritising Emotional Wellness

All is Well session

All Is Well offers mental well-being solutions for employees in a safe and supportive environment.

We all live in an infinite world, with an erratic environment and unavoidable stress. We provide a safe place for employees, helping them resolve their concerns and grievances.
All Is Well Incubated by NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore in association with IIM V Field.
It is among the “Top 100 Women-led-startups” from the Women Start-up Program 3.0.


We are committed to provide mental wellbeing initiatives that empower corporate employees to improve their overall performance helping businesses thrive.​

Our Team

Harshita Lalchand


Harshita Lalchand is the founder at All is Well, her venture is being incubated at IIMV Field, Visakhapatnam and anchored by NRSCEL, IIM Bangalore. She is a Mental Space Psychologist, an NLP Practitioner, a Behavioral Psychologist and a Psychology Coach with Masters in Business Management and Psychology. She has touched and transformed over 5000 lives with her training sessions.

Tushika - Co-Founder, All Is Well



Youngest diploma holder in Mental Space Psychology in India.
NLP Practitioner, Runner up for Global Schoolpreneur Summit, 2019. Pursuing Graduation in Psychology.